Online shopping is more popular than ever. It's also a necessity for many American's who are self-quarantining these days. But it's important to be on your guard for online scammers, especially in times like these.

According to the Beter Business Bureau, online scammers will do whatever it takes to get your information, and ultimately, your money.

Online crooks are wise to the hottest, most sought-after items. Masks, sanitization products and other medical merchandise are all being used by scammers to get your attention during the pandemic. As you try to protect your health, be sure to protect your personal information and your finances as well.

It's good advice. Oftentimes scammers use a person's tragedy or vulnerability to their advantage. By protecting your own personal information, you're sparring yourself a possibly difficult situation down the road.

The Better Business Bureau also has some helpful tips for you while you're online shopping. You can find all of it here. In the article, you'll learn how the scam works, what you can do to protect yourself and assets, the value of virtual credit cards, and more.

For more information on online scams in our area, check out the South Dakota Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker. You can also file a complaint, or start a review on their website, at

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