Recently, a Tweet went viral about a container of Vick's VapoRub that expired in 1987. The Twitter user said they went ahead and used it and so far so good. Expiration dates are just suggestions, right?

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This got us thinking, what is the oldest thing you've found in your home?

The people of Sioux Falls, once again, did not disappoint.

Here are some of the best:

  • My mother-in-law is a bit of a hoarder and I found Kool-Aid from 1994 last year in her cabinets.
  • After my grandpa passed away last August, we cleaned out the basement for an estate sale and found Mitchell Chronicle newspapers from Kennedy's assassination
  • We found and made a box of turkey stuffing that expired in 2014! Kinda tasted like a cardboard box.
  • We were helping clean out my great aunts house and found mac and cheese from 1976
  • When I graduated high school in 2000 my mom bought a cake with my face on it. She couldn't bring herself to cut into it, so bought a 2nd cake. She froze the face cake, and last year I threw it out when I cleaned her deep freeze. 20-year-old face cake.
  • Canned garden tomatoes for soup from 1984. My dad found it in our grandma's (his mom’s) old basement pantry. She passed in 2001 and he made it LAST SUMMER! Still good! The seal wasn’t popped so it stood the test of time
  • My sister was cleaning out under her kitchen sink and there was a little hidden Area and she found a glass bottle of Red Owl ketchup with no expiration date anywhere on it and it's in perfect condition.
  • Cleaning out grandma's house after she passed and there was canning jars in the basement and had canned pickles dated 1968. Did not open them to try.
  • Was doing some work in my basement and after tearing the sheetrock off the wall I found a PBR can from when the house was built in 1972
  • Homemade dandelion wine from sometime in the 70s!
  • After mom died we were cleaning out the cupboards and found a jar of generic paprika from a store in Texas that had expired in 1983. The spice had survived moving through six different states
  • My grandparents are notorious for doing this weird crap. They freeze milk and will just use it years later. I think that's gross. I see that expiration date whether frozen before it or not and only go 3 days passed that.. They called me one night and told me they had the leftover corn from my wedding and it was delicious! I had been married for 4 years at that point. Like what the crap!? Mind you.... they are filthy rich so can afford fresh corn and wasting a little milk. But nope. Guess that's why they're rich
  • My mother still uses the same makeup brush from 1988…. She does clean it, but still… this thing has like 20 bristles left lol!
  • When my grandma passed in 2016 we were going through her cupboards. Found cake mixes from like the late 90s lol. Baked one up. Was still good!
  • I have an International Harvester (old red tractors) freezer in my basement with a 8/5/50 date written on it. Still works great. I oil the motor once a year on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Was cleaning out my grandpa's house for an auction and found cream cheese in the closet not the refrigerator from 2007. It was yellow and gray. It was still a block of cream cheese. And then the smell hit us and we wrapped up nice and tight and and threw it away.

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