To those closely watching the fate of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Friday September 9 was a roller coaster ride of events.
A federal judge ruled against the Native American tribes trying to stop construction of the pipeline in North Dakota and pipeline companies breathed a sigh of relief.
Within hours, President Obama issued an executive order to stop the construction to further review the issues with both sides, and those against the construction breathed a sigh of relief.
Dave Archambault II, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe released a statement after Obama's decision Friday:
Our hearts are full, this is an historic day for the Standing Rock Sioux
Tribe and for tribes across the nation, Today, three federal agencies announced the significant decision to respect tribal sovereignty and stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline on Army Corps land.

National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons issued the following statement after the Obama's announcement:

The Obama administration just made the decision to put politics above jobs... This sets a bad precedent that could threaten future infrastructure projects of all types. For manufacturers, this means the men and women supplying steel pipe, coatings, construction equipment, compressor motors, gauges and instruments, sand and gravel and other key components to the Dakota Access project are sitting idle, without work.

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