While a lot of us have seen life slow down considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chef Omar Thornton is busier than ever.

The creative force behind the 'O' So Good Restaurant in Garretson has been working tirelessly trying to get that location back to fully operational status after having to scale back to comply with social distancing restrictions.

Just as that was happening, a very famous TV chef came to town (we'll say 'allegedly' because everyone involved has been sworn to secrecy) to record a segment at 'O' So Good for his show on the Food Network.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Thornton has now opened the doors to a second 'O So Good location - on Main Street in Lennox, in the Archery Shak building.

My wife and I headed down for lunch last week.

The menu features a mixture of seafood, beef, pork, and chicken entrees, as well as things like shrimp and grits, fried pork belly, chicken nuggets, and even a grilled cheese sandwich.

There are plenty of sides to choose from, even soup and a salad bar.

Jerk Chicken - 'O So Good Restaurant
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I opted for Jerk Chicken which came with pork belly and peppers and was delicious.

The entree came with two sides and I chose very wisely, going with the seasoned rice and some cornbread.

Cornbread - 'O' So Good Restaurant
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The rice was tasty, but the cornbread was the highlight.

Baked with a heap of butter on top, it was perhaps the best $3 I've ever spent! My tip: order a slice for each person at the table, that way you don't have to share!

O-3-O Chicken Sandwich - 'O' So Good Restaurant
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For her main course, my wife ordered the O-3-O Chicken Sandwich, which comes with a side of kettle chips - and a surprise.

Sitting right on top of the chicken was a fried egg, which wasn't mentioned anywhere on the menu. Luckily, she is an egg fan and thought it was a nice touch. If you're not an egg person make sure you inform your server to leave it off.

Mac & Cheese Bake - 'O' So Good Restaurant
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One of the other surprises we encountered was the side order of the Mac and Cheese Bake.

This is not your run-of-the-mill stale pasta and powdered cheese sauce concoction you get out of a box. It's a pile of fresh pasta with an ample amount of real, melted cheese and a couple of unannounced additions - bacon and spinach.

Now in my book, you can't go wrong with bacon, but I have to admit the spinach didn't do much for me. I'm sure there are plenty of spinach lovers out there that will really enjoy this side dish, but if I had known it was in there I probably would have ordered something else.

All in all, this location is a nice addition to the 'O' So Good family, which has been serving Garretson since 2017.

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