January 2017 saw a staggering rise in deaths by suicide in Minnehaha County.

According to KDLT News Minnehaha County reported there were nine suicides throughout the month, which is over four times as many as the average two per month.

Minnehaha County reported nine suicides in January. The average for the month is under two. The helpline Center is especially concerned about high suicide rates in men. They are centering their outreach campaign around men to help them and family members understand the resources that are available to help.

Along with suicide prevention, the Helpline Center aids individuals with providing referrals for child care, providing local agencies with volunteers and military and family support.

If you or someone you know needs help, you can reach the Helpline Center anytime by dialing 211. They are located at 1000 N. West Ave., Suite 310 in Sioux Falls.

Source: KDLT 

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