This morning, the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association read a statement calling for installing armed guards at schools to keep the students safe. Read the full story here.

While on the surface it terrifies me to think that these are the measures we need to go to to keep our children safe while they learn their ABC's, part of me also thinks 'whatever we have to do to keep them safe, do it!'

I had lunch with some co-workers that suggested hiring ex-marines who are trained for anything to act as these guards. We had a story earlier today about a marine who stood guard outside a school as a symbol. And again you start to think 'whatever keeps the kids safe'.

But then you start to wonder if that's where it stops. After all, there was a place of worship that had an incident recently; the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado was at a movie theatre; there was someone shooting multiple rounds in an Oregon shopping mall recently and I saw a report this afternoon that Sioux Falls Police were being called to the Empire Mall for reports of a gun. So do we put armed guards there too?

There are a lot of reports, both local and national, about gun sales skyrocketing in the past week and those that still have firearms for sale, have jacked their asking prices up. Reports of gun departments at sporting goods stores being empty and making it look like the apocalypse (fitting since today was the supposed Mayan end of the world). People are arming themselves with whatever they can get their hands on.

It's some very disturbing times out there in the real world kids. I wish I had the answers. What do you think? Violent video games to blame? Bad parenting? Undiagnosed mental illness running rampant? A 'me first' society? Gun control? Armed guards at schools? I'm not picking a side until I have all the facts but I'm always willing to listen to your thoughts.