As the high tech world now has found it's way to the golf courses, I'm hoping for some type of GPS to guide my shots. This would be the answer to my slice.

Or at least some type of tracking device for my golf balls. this would be the answer to my shortage of golf balls in my bag due to lost balls. By the way, this tracking device would have to work under water.

Well, neither one of the above is there yet. but we do have a high tech food and beverage service from our friends up North.

A golf course in a part of North Dakota locals call "Sili-drone Valley" believes it has a solution to declining membership on greens nationwide: Drone deliveries.

Beginning September 15th, players at King's Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks, North Dakota, will be able to have refreshments delivered to them by a drone for just $3.

Refreshments are ordered via an app. Then, golfers can stand by and watch while the drone lowers their snacks to them on a rope about 10 minutes later.

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