Below-average temperatures and high winds have made for a rough spring, however, things look to be changing fast, according to NOAA.

A three-month outlook was just released for the upper midwest and for those living in South Dakota, the news is not exactly what most were hoping for.

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This week, NOAA released its outlook for both temperature and precipitation for the entire United States, and while our neck of the woods has seen average highs a bit on the chilly side as of late, it looks like that will be turning around as we head into May.

Take a Look

Credit: NOAA
Credit: NOAA

As you can see, the Sioux Falls metro is straddled right on the edge of "leaning above" for average temperatures, as is much of northwest Iowa, and parts of southwest Minnesota.

What About Precipatation?

Credit: NOAA
Credit: NOAA

As the above graphic shows, our area is projected to get below-average precipitation in the next three months. This isn't exactly welcome news for anyone living in this region.

The upper midwest is already in dire need of more rain, and according to the NOAA, the need for precipitation will only continue in the coming months, leading to some tough decisions for farmers and those in the agriculture industry.

To see the three-month study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, click here.

Story Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


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