The Tide Pod challenge is so 2017. The latest viral challenge has to deal with Hobby Lobby stores and its causing problems with costumers and staff. According to Actionnewsjax.comTeens are heading to the craft store floral aisle to show off their photography skills.

Teens across the country are doing this challenge and posting photos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. And its not just Hobby Lobby. There is even photos taken in Walmart and Michaels stores. The challenge is either called the #hobbylobbychallenge or #uglylocationchallenge

Store mangers and employees say the latest craze has become a problem for them and shoppers due to overcrowded isles and not putting the floral props back when they're done. So be warned, the next time you go into a Hobby Lobby store, the floral isle may be swarmed with a crowd of teens.



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