I have been privileged enough to call Todd Heitkamp my friend for many years. Today I want to say a heartfelt congratulations to my friend.

Todd has been with the National Weather Service for decades forecasting storms, conducting weather awareness training, interpreting data to bring us daily weather forecasts, and whatever else they do under that big doppler ball out by the airport.

Since I've know my friend I've always been impressed with the way he has conducted himself both personally and proffessionally. I've witnessed Todd's dedication to his vocation and, as a meteorologist, his years of hard work, personal sacrifice, and utilization of his professional talents.

I know this promotion means a lot to Todd and should mean l lot to all of us in the Sioux Falls area too. It means that one high quality, passionate, abundantly qualified individual is keeping an eye on the weather in an effort to keep us all safe.

Oh...FYI-Be careful if he ever invites you to a picnic.

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