Discovery Channel is upping the reality TV survival series ante with their new show, called Naked and Afraid, which drops off two strangers, one man and one woman, completely naked in a remote, wild location, and gives them 21 days to try to survive and make their way to an extraction point that's one to 10 miles from their location. Each episode will feature a different couple in a different location. The survivalists will be allowed just one personal item of their choosing, and are given a rudimentary map and Go Pro cameras that are constantly recording. Additionally, a four-person crew followed and filmed them at all times. Executive producer Denise Contis told The Wall Street Journal that the crew got involved a few times when people were depleted or in an emergency situation, but says it didn't interfere with the overall show, explaining, "There is no manipulation, no element of scripted reality." Contis denied that Discovery was going for shock value, saying of the nudity, "by the time they are on the ground it is a complete non-issue." Certain body parts are blurred out for the TV broadcast.