If you're like many adventurous people then you've probably fallen and noticed a cut or a scrape after you got back up.

Sure you throw a quick bandage over the top of it and hope that it stops bleeding, but what if the wound is deep enough and a bandage isn't enough?

Thanks to this handy and convenient device that was designed by ZipStitch we no longer have to make a trip to the doctor's clinic for a few stitches and wait for a few days to then have them removed.

The ZipStitch device is designed to use the zip tie-looking sutures on either side to pull the opposite sides of skin together; thus closing the open wound.

Below is a video demonstration of how to treat a smaller open wound using ZipStitch:

Of course, cleaning the wound and surrounding areas first is always a smart idea.

Making sure the wound and the skin around the laceration are dry can also help any adhesive stick for longer periods of time.

The last step I think is one of the most important takeaways for those using this new wound closure device.

The covering or dressing that is used to put over the top of ZipStitch should not interfere with ZipStitch itself. I can see how this could cause the wound to easily reopen and might lead to an infection.

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