For a lot of us, the last two years have squeezed the Christmas spirit out of us like water out of a sponge! So looking for ways to fill up that soul vacancy has become a sort of research expedition.

If you're feeling the same way, you're more than likely doing the same thing I am. I've been driving around Sioux Falls, in my neighborhood, and other areas of the city, checking out Christmas lights.

Going to events where people are enjoying something filled with Christmas music, spiritual meaning, or laughter, lots of laughter, is something else I've been doing.

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There is an event this Sunday that checks off a lot of things on that "trying to rebuild Christmas spirit" list. Holiday "Fir" Hope presented by the American Cancer Society/Dakotas (ACS).

This sparkling event is going on at Shriver's Square in Downtown Sioux Falls, on Sunday, December 12 from 2 to 5 PM.

There will be a breathtaking display of trees decorated and donated by numerous businesses in Sioux Falls. All of the trees are available to bid on at the live auction that afternoon and funds raised go back to the South Dakota American Cancer Society (ACS).

A very famous gentleman who always dresses in red and has good friends who are reindeer is rumored to make an appearance too!

The South Dakota ACS provides support to individuals and families who face a cancer diagnosis. They offer help navigating treatment, advice on staying healthy, preventative practices, and nutrition and lifestyle information.

People working their way through a cancer situation can also get the latest news on the ongoing research being done in an effort to find more effective treatments and cures.

Holiday "Fir" Hope, Sunday, December 12, 2 to 5 PM in Shriver's Square downtown. If you're trying to find that Christmas feeling again too - - I'll see you there.


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