Neal Schon is no stranger to courtrooms, but he's been on a winning streak lately including a 'win' in a Minnesota court with his ex-wife Amber, who is from my hometown of Waseca, Minnesota.

Amber was looking to boost his child support for their two kids, Aja and Sophia, from $3000 a month to just under six grand. But a family court judge in Minnesota, where she lives and where they were divorced in 2007, ruled against her, saying she "intended primarily to upgrade her own standard of living," which is quite pricey -- $7200 a year for clothing, $5760 for a storage locker, $9600 for birthday parties(!) and a whopping $2400 on postage (don't they have e-mail in Minnesota?). The judge suggested she complete her teaching degree and get a job, adding that it is not Schon's fault that she has been unable to "obtain any kind of employment."

Amber had posted on her Facebook page that she was hoping the sale of her half-million dollar home would go quickly because she needs the money. Amber's mother, Judy, has been very vocal in her distaste for her former son-in-law calling him "little more than a sperm donor with an inadequate monthly check,” in a blog. She also called Schon a “drunk, abusive man” who is “increasingly spiteful and vindictive”

Schon says, "My concern is with my children, and I'm infuriated they are being exploited and used to extort money from me." Schon, who's dating former reality star Michaele Salahi, was married three other times before Amber, and has three other kids.