If you were lucky enough to grow up in the drive-in movie era, you have some fond memories. If you ever watched a movie from a car, raise your hand.

If you don't remember seeing the movie because you were in the back seat steaming up the windows, raise your other hand. Can I please put my arms down now?

Ah, those were the days. Here in Sioux Falls we can relive those memories with a trip to Luverne, Minnesota for a night at the Verne Drive -In Theater.

If you're ever in Nashville, Tennessee, there's a very unique drive-in movie theater getting set to open soon. It's the August Moon.

This one is all indoors. There will be classic cars for movie goers to sit in. The surroundings will consist of real trees.

The dome ceiling will be lit up with what duplicates a star filled sky. There will also be fireflies.

The $10 million project is set to open next year.

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