I'm a Minneapolis boy though I've been in South Dakota for over two decades. Specifically, south Minneapolis where a bar that has been made famous on TV shows like "Diners, Drive-In's and Dives" and "Man vs. Food" over the past few years, was always one of our 'go to' joints for a great burger.

Matt's Bar at 35th and Cedar is my home for the Jucy Lucy. A big burger stuffed with cheese and served so hot, that first bite you fear the cheese may be like molten lava.

Time Magazine has recently revealed their list of The Most Influential Burgers.   Not surprisingly, McDonald's and Burger King both rank right near the top (although another one of my all-time favorites, White Castle, actually came in at #1 and boy we spent a LOT of time sharing a sack of sliders back in the day as well!)

But it was especially gratifying to see a true south Minneapolis original in the Jucy Lucy from Matt's make a national publication.

Of course, south siders will argue that the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis (just a few miles south, also on Cedar Avenue) is the true originator of the Jucy Lucy. Either way you want to argue, they're both great, but Matt's is always the bar that I will remember as being the first taste of that cheesy hunk of beef.

Is it the best burger I've ever had? Probably not. But it's certainly the most memorable, at least in my mind.

Here in Sioux Falls, the Downtown Burger Battle is still raging through the end of January.

Who has the best or most influential burger you've ever had?

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