Our march to a degree of normalcy here in Sioux Falls continues on Monday, as the city plans to open additional city buildings with, you guessed it, some restrictions.

The doors to the City Hall, City Center, and Carnegie Town Hall will once again open to the public on Monday (May 18). The COVID-19 pandemic has forced its closure for several weeks now.

Dakota News Now is reporting the City Hall service counter on the ground floor will reopen for public Utility Billing and Public Parking services on Monday. You will notice a few changes, however, like protective barriers that have been installed at the counter to promote physical distancing.

This news couldn't have come at a better time for me, I just purchased a new vehicle, and I need to go through the registration and licensing process soon. Now that City Hall has reopened, I'll be able to dodge the somewhat confusing mail-in, drop-off procedure.

Here are a few more changes the public can expect to see at City Hall once the doors reopen on Monday. Those people needing the services of the offices of Human Resources, Human Relations, City Attorney, GIS, and Finance will need to make appointments first. Detailed information on how to go about doing that can be found here.

Monday will also mark the reopening of the service counter at the City Center. Protective barriers will also be in play at that location to help promote social distancing.

According to Dakota News Now, in some cases, people may be asked to schedule a follow-up appointment for complex planning needs and permit applications.

The Carnegie Town Hall will also be open for regular business again, starting on Monday.

The city wants to remind residents there is still a variety of different ways to handle your utility payments. Those options are available here.

Finally, the city is not requiring the public to wear protective cloth face-coverings when visiting these public buildings but, it's encouraged.

One thing they do ask if you are not feeling well, please stay home.

Source: Dakota News Now

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