Director Michael Bay is currently making the press rounds for the upcoming 'Pain and Gain' and, naturally, he's getting asked about the about-to-shoot 'Transformers 4.' Although Bay has remained mum on details so far, he described the upcoming film in three words that will get fans' imaginations running.

Asked to tease the next entry in the sci-fi action series by Coming Soon, Bay replied: "Chase from Hell." The original article notes that he said this with a smile, which really has to be said to complete the image here.

Although 'Transformers 4' remains a big 'ol mystery, we do know that it'll act as a soft reboot of the series, replacing the old cast with a bunch of new faces (led by Mark Wahlberg) and possibly giving those big robots a massive redesign. All of the changes give us some hope that this popular-but-maligned franchise may be able to find its feet.

'Transformers 4' is scheduled to arrive on June 27th, 2014.