On Tuesday during my afternoon show on B102.7 I had mentioned it was National Adopt a Pet Day. We have a cat that we adopted from Sioux Falls Humane Society who turned out to be a magnificent addition to our home and encouraged everyone to go check out some animals that may need a forever home “ whether it’s a dog, cat, gerbil, or an emu.”

Then I received a call from Sioux Falls man named Jon who caught the broadcast and couldn’t believe that I mentioned emus. Unbelievably, he has two emus that live on his property name Eklipz and Esther.

I can only assume they like classic rock like their owner therefore making them the coolest emus in town.

I was invited out to Jon’s place to visit his feathered friends. So, what would be an appropriate gift for a pair of emus? Bourbon? Corn? Vinyl copy of 'Free Bird'?

On second thought, maybe I’ll just leave the gift at home but would love to stop by for a visit. Thanks for sharing, Jon.

Jon E.
Jon E.


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