Have any idea what it will cost to have your knee scoped? How about that hip replacement procedure you've been putting off? And then there's the cost for having to stay in the hospital. New rules are now in place so you can go shopping for the best deal. But is that really what you want?

As we turned the calendar to 2019 it brought new regulations by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requiring hospitals to post all standard charges on their websites. According to a report from KSFY TV it’s a way to promote transparency and help you understand your healthcare.

KSFY reports that the new rule went into effect Wednesday, January 2. It requires all hospitals to make prices available on their websites. That way you can find how much a particular procedure will cost before insurance. Experts say you should be asking how much things cost and calling your health insurance provider can help. They will have the most accurate information for you because everybody's coverage is different.

Both Sanford Health and Avera Health in Sioux Falls have financial services in the hospitals to help patients determine out of pocket costs.