Matt Bellassai is an internet sensation. If you haven't heard about Matt Bellassai, chances are you don't have a Facebook page. He has over 1.2 million Facebook fans and millions of views on YouTube.

Who is Matt Bellassai?  He's an ordinary dude who has a job at Buzz Feed, but came up with this awesome idea to get drunk at work and complain about stuff.  He complains about the worst roommates, the worst things about weddings, the most annoying people to text with and the types of co-workers that are absolutely the worst.

Every week, Matt posts a new episode of "Whine About It."  I will warn you, Matt is like you when you get drunk - he has NO filter! He is all types of inappropriate.  DO NOT watch these at your desk at work. You will get fired. Watch them on your break in your car or at home. Here's one of my favorite episodes, "The Worst Things About Fall."


Here are some other episodes.  Again - DO NOT watch at work.



See all of Matt's videos here.

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