A man in the midst of a pandemic decided to run a full marathon in his front driveway according to WUSA9.

The image of the huge scribbled orange circle represents the path he took while running and as you can see, it would be hard not to get dizzy.

 “I just kind of looked at the driveway, and I was like I wonder if I can do this without getting sick as far as dizzy or hurt. I didn’t want to get hurt either. So, I just decided to do it.”- WUSA9

Forrester Safford who lives in Culpeper, Virginia ran a total of 26.2 miles within five hours and twenty-four minutes, the equivalent of a marathon.

Stafford says that he was inspired to run a marathon in his driveway after hearing about a man in France who ran a marathon on the roof of his apartment building.

This isn't Stafford's first marathon he's ran but this is the first time he's run a marathon and had only two spectators cheering him on: his wife and cat.

Those who like to run or are familiar with runs know that marathons take hours in order to complete, so Stafford started his driveway marathon at 2:00 AM.

Stafford told WUSA9 that he likes to .."get my runs over with.." and "..the earlier the better.."

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