With the recent Apple iPhone 7 release in September, many people are still hoping to land their own model of the most talked-about phone on the market. But one man went to drastic and bizarre lengths to win one...by legally changing his name.

Olexander Turin is a 20 year-old from the Ukraine. A local electronics store in his town was hosting a contest to win a free iPhone 7. However, in order to do that, you had to be one of the first five people to legally change your name and provide documented proof.

Now the vast majority of us would think it is absolutely insane to do such a thing, right? Officially change your name just for a little piece of technology? Well Turin didn't think it was too crazy of an idea, for he took the plunge and accepted the challenge.

iPhone 7 models can cost up to $850 in the United States, which is certainly a hefty fee. However, Turin paid just $2 to legally change his name in his country. His newfound title officially became 'iPhone Sim' - 'sim' being the word for seven in Ukranian. This resulted in him winning one of the devices.

Turin says he will more than likely change his name back to the original when he decides to have children.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done for a free prize?

Source: Digital Trends

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