If you think the Super Bowl is just a three-hour football game, you could not be more wrong. With all the pre-game hype, it is a marathon and not a sprint.

Here are a few ways to make sure you make the most of your Super Bowl Sunday:

•A Good Breakfast − There's nothing wrong with hitting the booze early and often on Sunday, but you will be prepared to go the distance and not pass out if you eat a solid breakfast. If you drink on an empty stomach, you're doomed.

•Gambling − Gambling gives the neutral fan something to root for, only it's twice as intense because your money is on the line. Side bets with buddies throughout the game also bring an element of excitement to the party.

•Drinking Games − You know what you're going to see, so you might as well drink to it. Animals in commercials, sack dances, shots of the Harbaugh Brothers on the sidelines.

•Lots of Food, Lots of Beer – Super Bowl is the last "eating-and-drinking holiday" until Memorial Day, so make sure you overindulge. If you don't wake up tomorrow with a hangover and a case of heartburn, you didn't do your job.

And mute the halftime show while you listen to B102.7. ALWAYS a good idea!

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