When I got old enough to start thinking about getting a tattoo, the first thing that I heard over and over was "don't get her name tattoed on you." And even today, that seems like good advice to live by since I've seen WAY too many couples go their separate ways.

Like this couple: a 26-year old British woman kissed her boyfriend goodbye when he was moving to Alaska for a new job. She was of course heartbroken to lose her beloved 'Chopper', but at least she could take solace in her heartfelt tattoo: "Chopper's B#*ch". (yes, really)

She soon found out however that Chopper hadn't moved to Alaska for a job, but rather to shack up with his mistress! So instead of getting a cover-up tattoo or the much more painful laser removal, Torz Reynolds took a knife and cut the tattoo off!

Oh, but she wasn't quite done yet. Reynolds tied it in a ribbon, put the skin in a jar and mailed it to Chopper!

Reynolds said "Sending the tattoo to Chopper sent a clear message. Now he knows never to mess with me again."

I think it also sends a clear message to any future boyfriends as well. RUN!