A couple of my friends asked if I wanted to help out their kickball team. Now, I'm not totally uncoordinated and awkward, but I'm not exactly great at sports either. In High School, I was in the Band and on the Bowling Team. So, yeah.

They said they weren't super competitive and it's just for fun, so I said to myself, "Self, what the heck, let's give it a go." Plus, the name of the team is New Kicks on the Block. Sold. I'm in.

I probably haven't played kickball since I was 10. So, I show up last night and I'm a little nervous. I literally haven't ran full out in probably 10 years. Well, here goes nothing.

The co-ed rules state that only females can bunt, which is honestly kind of annoying. The girls on our team still played pretty much like normal, but the other team had every girl bunt. I guess it's a decent strategy, but it's annoying. And they won, so maybe they are on to something.

I didn't want to just bunt, so I actually kicked a couple, and I don't mean to toot my own horn, but they were pretty decent kicks. My outfield skills on the other hand. Not great.

I played right field and basically prayed nothing came my way. The first one that came my way, went way over my head so I run it down and I pick it up and try to throw it and it was pathetic. I'm only 5'2'' and have tiny hands so I have no grip on the ball whatsoever. Winding up and throwing like a baseball was basically a whiff. I had better luck throwing underhand or with two hands. Lesson learned.

BTW, I'm convinced these balls are bigger than the red balls we played with at recess. These things seemed huge.

Also, I need to pay better attention when I'm on a base. Do I run? Was that foul? Is it a forced run? How many outs are there? Who's on first? What's on second? So many things to remember. Sports are hard, y'all.

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