B102.7 teamed up with the 2 Roll N' Smoke stores in Sioux Falls to salute 4-20!  We gave away $420 in RN'S Cash, one prize at each store, 57th & Louise and 10th & Cliff. And in true classic rock meets smokin' fashion, the giveaway was a runaway hit. We asked listeners to register to win at Roll N' Smoke and the registration boxes were stuffed like a well-rolled...you know what...

At 4:20 P.M. on 4/20/21, we drew the name of our winners live on B102.7 - one from each Roll N' Smoke store in Sioux Falls.

The winners are:

Kahyla Richardson of Sioux Falls 

Nik Dinger of Sioux Falls

Congratulation, you two...and to EVERYONE who signed up!

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Customers who stopped by the 57th Street Roll N' Smoke on 4/20 were treated to a 19-foot long surprise!  No, Cheech!  NOT a doobie!  Relax...  It was a 19-foot, 200 pound reticulated PYTHON snake, the main attraction of a Live Reptile Show.  A family-owned, exotic pet company, called Monster Kru, from Winona, Minnesota, brought a good number of creepy, crawly critters to town for the special day.  One of the B102.7 staff members took the opportunity to touch the massive golden yellow and white snake (no...not David Coverdale).  He said it felt warm, and friendly...right before he was EATEN ALIVE.  Just kidding. Everyone lived. See you on 7/10. Stay tuned. I mean it...

Photo by Scott Smith, Townsquare Media
Photo by Scott Smith, Townsquare Media











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