He's one of the biggest actors in the world, but Leonardo DiCaprio says he was inspired by a viral YouTube video for his Oscar-nominated role in "The Wolf of Wall Street".

In the movie, there is a scene where DiCaprio is on Quaaludes and attempts to get in his car. The surveillance video above from an extremely drunk individual going into a convenience store in 2009 to get more beer was DiCaprio's inspiration on how to act.

He says it wasn't so much that the drunk man's body seemed to be made of elastic in the video, but that he had one goal in mind: get the beer out of the store. It may have taken him a half hour to accomplish his goal, but he stuck with it!

I think it's hilarious that an actor of DiCaprio's stature would admit to being inspired by a viral video, and I REALLY want to know why I've never seen this before now!

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