According to CNN Newsource via Dakota News Now, an Oklahoma city has declared their love for the classic, dare I say cult following holiday movie, 'A Christmas Story' so much that they have made the decision to have a 40-foot tall 'leg lamp' display.

The display is complete with a 'wooden crate' with the word ' fragile' written across the side which makes the display easily recognizable to the one that is seen in the 1983 film.

This display is inflatable and has become apart of the city of Chickasha's annual Festival of Light.

Chickasha, OK is located just 40 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, OK.

The idea for the inflatable leg lamp display was:

"the brainchild of a local economic council official. He said he hopes it gives travelers a good reason to stop in Chickasha. The festival, which also includes a 70-foot Christmas tree, will continue through the end of the month."

Who wouldn't want to make a holiday-themed road trip out of this photo opportunity?

Just make sure to grab your Ralphie pink bunny eared PJs and your all set!

Source: CNN Newsource via Dakota News Now

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