If you are a diehard Led Zeppelin fan and picked up a copy of their new concert DVD, Celebration Day, which was released on Monday, then study it closely and perhaps you too, like Jason Bonham, will see something that he says was also in the band's first concert film, The Song Remains the Same.

He says when he was playing with Zeppelin at that 2007 reunion show in London, there was a moment when he thought, "Wow, I'm playing with Led Zeppelin." But it was a look that bassist John Paul Jones shot at him during the performance of "No Quarter" that reminded him of The Song Remains the Same. "He gave me the look and it probably wasn't probably for the same reason that he did [give it to] dad, but it was very, very special for me."

Jones is not sure of the look, but jokes that it was the "'Where are we?' look."

Celebration Day is also available on Blu-ray, CD and vinyl.