Think you're good at puzzles? Then audition for Survivor. Or, be prepared for the Titanic. Lego is about to test your wits with its largest Lego set ever.

The Titanic will rise to shelves on November 1 with 9,090 pieces. Yes, this is Lego for Adults. And, just to be fair, you may want to do this with child supervision. Can you do the math; how many studs would there be with that many bricks?

The Lego model, once completed, will be a 53-inch replica of the Titanic. According to the Lego Company, the Titanic set is accurate with detailed inner rooms, the grand staircase, and the promenade deck.

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Hope you've saved your Christmas gift money. This will set you back about $630.

And if the Titanic isn't enough of a challenge for you, just refer back to the link Lego for Adults. There, you will be able to reconstruct the Roman Colosseum or James Bond's Aston Martin car.

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