As we're sure you know, today (Nov. 16, 2012) marks the 31st anniversary of the release of Kiss's much-derided concert album 'Music from 'The Elder." Not even one year after announcing he would be bringing the story from that record to the big screen, director and writer Seb Hunter has delivered the first trailer from his 'Elder'-inspired movie.

As you can see from the clip above, the movie brings the story into a present-day setting, with news reports speaking of "total chaos" gripping the world, and a monk -- apparently a disciple of the album's villain Mr. Blackwell -- solemnly explaining, "we have learned that life is precious. We must kill to protect it." Who will take the Oath and stand up for mankind? A quick action sequence at the end seems to provide the answer. We could be interpreting this completely wrong, but count us intrigued! is also celebrating 'Music from 'The Elder" with a fantastic month-long series entitled "NovElder" featuring in-depth interviews with people involved with the creation and marketing of the album.

For more on this incredibly unique record, be sure to check out our 30th anniversary story from last year.

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