Kiss will release a five-CD box set of their career-saving Creatures of the Night on Nov. 18.

The 1982 album found Kiss returning to their hard-rock roots after alienating their fan base with a series of records that flirted with pop, disco and progressive rock. Although it wasn't an immediate commercial success, Creatures marked a creative turning point for the band and over time came to be regarded as a career highlight.

The box includes 75 previously unreleased demos, instrumentals and live tracks, as well as a bounty of stickers, photos, backstage passes and other replica souvenirs. You can see the full track listing for the five-CD "Super Deluxe" edition below.

A previously unreleased Paul Stanley-fronted song called "Betrayed" has been released in advance of the set. It's a different song than the 1989 Gene Simmons-led track of the same name that appeared on 1989's Hot in the Shade. You can hear the new song below.

The 40th-anniversary edition of Creatures of the Night will also be available in other formats. The fourth release from Kiss' Off the Soundboard live bootleg series, taken from a 1977 concert in Des Moines, arrives on Sept. 9.

Kiss, 'Creatures of the Night' Super Deluxe Track Listing
DISC ONE: Original Album Remastered
"Creatures Of The Night"
"Saint And Sinner"
"Keep Me Comin’"
"Rock And Roll Hell"
"I Love It Loud"
"I Still Love You"
"War Machine"

DISC TWO: Demos, Rarities and Outtakes
"I’m A Legend Tonight"
"Down On Your Knees"
"Nowhere To Run"
"Partners In Crime"
"Deadly Weapon" (Penny Lane Demo)
"Feel Like Heaven" (Penny Lane Demo)
"Nowhere To Run" (Penny Lane Demo)
"Deadly Weapon" (Original Demo)
"Feel Like Heaven" (Original Demo)*
"Nowhere To Run" (Take 11 – Instrumental)*
"Tell It To A Fool" (Take 4 – Drums & Bass Instrumental)*
"Chrome Goes Into Motion" (Take 2 – Drums & Bass Instrumental)*
"I’m A Legend Tonight" (Mix 4 – Instrumental & Background Vocals)*
"Don’t Leave Me Lonely" (Take 8 – Drums & Guitar Instrumental)*
"Something Seems To Happen At Night" (Gene Simmons Demo)
"It’s Gonna Be Alright" (Gene Simmons Demo)

DISC THREE: Demos, Rarities and Outtakes
"Legends Never Die" (Gene Simmons Demo)
"It’s My Life" (Gene Simmons Demo)
"Not For The Innocent" (Demo)*
"I Still Love You" (Take 1)*
"I Still Love You" (Take 2)*
"Saint And Sinner" (Take 1)*
"Saint And Sinner" (Take 2 – False Start)*
"Saint And Sinner" (Take 3)*
"Betrayed" (Outtake)*
"Creatures Of The Night" (Alternate Mix 19)*
"Partners In Crime" (Alternate Mix 16B)*
"I Love It Loud" (Alternate Mix 21)*
"War Machine" (Full-Length Version – Mix 11)*
"Rock And Roll Hell" (Take 2 – 9/10/1982)*
"Rock And Roll Hell" (Take 1 – Incomplete – 9/15/1982)*
"Rock And Roll Hell" (Take 2 – 9/15/1982)*
"I Love It Loud" (Single Edit)
"Creatures Of The Night" (1985 Remix)

DISC FOUR: Creatures Tour Live '82/'83 - Part One
"Creatures Of The Night" (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)
"Strutter" (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)
"Calling Dr. Love" (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)
"Firehouse" (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)
"I Love It Loud" (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)
"Cold Gin" (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)
"Keep Me Comin’" (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)
"War Machine" (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)
"I Want You" (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)
"Rock And Roll Hell" (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)
"I Still Love You" (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)
"Shout It Out Loud" (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)
Gene’s Bass Solo (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)
"God Of Thunder" / Eric’s Drum Solo / "God Of Thunder" (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)

DISC FIVE: Creatures Tour Live '82/'83 - Part Two
Paul’s "Love Gun" Rap (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)
"Love Gun" (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)
Paul’s Guitar Solo (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)
"Black Diamond" (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)
"Detroit Rock City" (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)
"Rock And Roll All Nite" (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983

"Rock And Roll Hell" (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)
"I Want You" (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)
"King Of The Night Time World" (Pine Bluff, Arkansas – 2/11/1983)
"Cold Gin" (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)
"I Still Love You" (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)
"Strutter" (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)

Tank Start Of Show
Firehouse Siren
Drum and Ending Tank
Bass Solo Wind and Gargoyles

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