Dave Davies says he's not sure if he and brother Ray will ever team up for another Kinks tour -- because he doesn't want a reunion to go down as another cash grab.

Dave tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "What do we want from people to come see us -- to gain something real from the experience or to get $300 a pop for a ticket? We could go out there and re-form just to demonstrate that greed and money buys everything, which is the way it would be.

"I’m not saying that the [Rolling] Stones are doing that, but c’mon. The Stones were an inspiring force for me as a kid when I first saw them play, but why are people desperate to throw away their money? I have really mixed feelings about that. Maybe I’ll be glad about the money, but surely there’s more... It would be nice if Ray and I do something. But if he expects to do it and just have it end up being his, I can’t see how that helps me. Or how it helps anybody."

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