Have you ever angered Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards to the point that he told you to take his name out of your mouth? Because bad boy singer Kid Rock has, according to the vocalist Sheryl Crow.

On this week's Fly on the Wall podcast, hosted by comedic actors Dana Carvey and David Spade, Crow remembered participating in a weekly covers show in New York where other musicians would often accompany her. But when Richards and Kid Rock sat in together, things went south.

Crow recalls, "In New York — I think it was in the late '90s, maybe — we would show up once a week at Shine, which was a club downtown. And we'd do all covers. And any given night — [R.E.M. bassist] Mike Mills, [Fleetwood Mac's] Stevie Nicks sat in with us, Keith Richards sat in with us."

She continues, "Anyway, Kid Rock came down. And it was the same night that Keith sat in. And he kept yelling Keith's name — 'Keith Richards! Keith Richards!' And Keith got really mad. Like, irritated. He's like, 'Quit saying my fucking name!' And at one point I'm just like, okay, I'm not sure how to manage. You know, we're doing all these bad '90s covers. But, yeah, he's a lot of fun."

Crow is longtime friends with Kid Rock, as is Spade, who cast Kid Rock in his 2001 movie Joe Dirt. Crow and Kid Rock's hit duet together, 2002's "Picture," is "one of the most covered songs in karaoke in the world," Crow tells Carvey and Spade.

Crow's new documentary Sheryl is available on Showtime. Fly on the Wall With Dana Carvey and David Spade is streaming now. Hear Crow's story about Richards and Kid Rock at 1:02:21 in the Oct. 26 episode.

Sheryl Crows Talks to Fly on the Wall - Oct. 26, 2022

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