Appearing in everything from 'Yes, Dear' to recurring as 'Glee's' patron saint of TV dads Burt Hummel, Mike O'Malley is altogether known for his blue-collar characters, frequently with hearts of gold. The actor's fans may be in for a bit of a shock in the next few weeks, however, as we've learned that O'Malley will appear in an upcoming episode of 'Justified' season 4 acting none-too-friendly! The 'Glee' star will portray a member of the Dixie mafia at odds with Raylan Givens, but how long will he stick around? Get the latest 'Justified' scoop inside!

'Justified' showrunner Graham Yost may have shied away from his usual big bad format for the show's fourth year, instead electing to focus on a decades-long mystery Raylan Givens finds himself entangled with, but that doesn't mean the fourth year of FX's gunslinger drama will be without some memorable baddies. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about last night's 'Justified' outing "Truth and Consequences," Yost revealed that Mike O'Malley would appear as a new antagonist for Raylan beginning with the February 5  episode "Kin."

O'Malley will portray mafia man Nicky Augustine, whom Yost revealed would act as a proxy to mobster Theo Tonin (Adam Arkin), as Arkin himself remains largely busy acting as directing producer to FX's upcoming drama 'The Americans.' Last night's episode revealed that the "Waldo Truth" mystery has a connection to the mobster, one that the season going forward will continue to explore. Arkin appeared as the character briefly in the previous season, though Arkin's behind-the-scenes activities prevent him from taking an active presence.

Well, what say you? Are you excited to see Mike O'Malley take a villainous turn on 'Justified'? How are you enjoying the new season thus far?