JJ Grey & Mofro are from the area outside Jacksonville, Florida and much of their early music reflects the area they grew up in, but the style is something that is all their own. They're a southern rock band influenced by fellow Florida natives Lynyrd Skynrd, but they're a soul band in the vein of Otis Redding as well. And they're a blues band. AND they're funky as well. I got a chance to interview Grey when the band played JazzFest here in Sioux Falls in 2012 and asked him to describe Mofro's music and he coined the term "front porch soul". He talked about sitting on the porch with his family telling stories and singing songs being the start of his career and finding his voice.

Once the band signed with Alligator Records,  their career took off resulting in six great releases and getting well-known on the jam band circuit by playing support shows with Widespread Panic, Galactic and Ben Harper and have built their reputation as a top notch live band. This is going to be a fun show at Anthem in the Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City, Iowa, Saturday night October 4th at 8pm. Tickets are $20-$52 and are available here.

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Here's Crash's interview with Grey plus a live acoustic performance of "Hide & Seek" recorded at JazzFest in Sioux Falls July 2012

And here's "99 Shades of Crazy" from their latest release "This River"