I love Jim Gaffigan! His low-key, droll, dry, witty observations on his life and the world in general stand out because they resonate with so many of us. He has five kids. Is he the world's best father? He'll be the first to admit he's not. His famous line about what it is like, "Imagine you're drowning and someone hands you a baby." World's best husband? Nope. He's been married to his wife Jeannie for 12 years and freely admits it is she who keeps their family on track.

Gaffigan has been called the "King of Clean Comedy" because of his efforts to resist profanity. He has nothing against it but it is just not something he is comfortable using much of. And he doesn't need to. His career is humming along very nicely, thank you, without it. His self-named sitcom on the TVland network just got a second-season pickup and he continues his stand-up touring in his evaporating off time.

His topics focus on food,  (he apologizes for being overweight by saying he is "preparing for a role, a cinnamon roll!") fatherhood, (his favorite ride at Disney World was "the air conditioned bus back to the airport") and faith. He is unabashedly open about his Catholic faith and like a lot of Catholics he is quite excited by the prospect of Pope Francis coming to the U.S. Unlike a lot of Catholics, he will actually be performing for the Pope.

This fun little video is his latest offering as a contributor to CBS Sunday Morning, which I watch religiously, (if you'll pardon the pun) instead of attending church, (which I probably should), because although I am also a Catholic who is enchanted by the new pope, I find little to engage me in church.