The most notable thing about the season finale of Jerry Seinfeld's web series 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' -- which features his 'Seinfeld' co-star Michael Richards -- is toward the end, when Richards addresses his notorious racially-charged meltdown at the Laugh Factory in 2006.

Richards again apologized for the tirade, and thanked Jerry for offering his support during that challenging time period. But before we get to that emotional moment, the two friends had quite the series of hilarious adventures as they drove around Los Angeles in a beat up old VW bus looking for a cup of joe.

At one point Seinfeld and Richards stop at what they think is the house of Sugar Ray Leonard -- only to find it is the house of fellow comedian Jay Mohr. Later Richards dons a blond wig and sunglasses so people won't recognize him -- only to run into somebody who looks exactly like his disguise.

A disclaimer at the beginning of the video claims that none of these incidents were set up, so we'll take their word for it.

But more than anything, the video highlights the comedic chemistry between Seinfeld and Richards, which they both agree has existed from when Richards first auditioned for Kramer. Watching the pair back together after all these years certainly provides some insight into why 'Seinfeld' was such a hit.

You can watch previous episodes of 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee,' which has featured Jerry's chats with everyone from Ricky Gervais to 'Seinfeld' co-creator/professional curmudgeon Larry David, over on Crackle.