ELO's Jeff Lynne is back with two new albums following a decade long hiatus. On October 9th he'll release his new covers collection, Long Wave, and his note-for-note re-recordings of ELO's biggest hits -- Mr. Blue Sky - The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra.

We asked Jeff Lynne if the reason why he re-recorded all his ELO hits was so that he could retain the rights for use in films and TV. He explained to us that he already owns the rights to the songs -- and this was simply an exercise in getting the songs exactly the way he always heard them in his head: "When you lay it down again, the buzz is still there to do it, but it's like you've got road map for where it goes. And you know how to make it sound better than it did before, because I have more knowledge and stuff and the technology I've got to play with."

The tracklist to Mr. Blue Sky - The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra is: "Mr. Blue Sky," "Evil Woman," "Strange Magic," "Don't Bring Me Down," "Turn To Stone," "Showdown," "Telephone Line," "Livin Thing," "Do Ya," "Can't Get It Out Of My Head," "10538 Overture," and "Point Of No Return."