Following their triumphant return to the stage on Sunday (Sept. 14), Electric Light Orchestra founder Jeff Lynne is considering bringing the band back out on the road. In a new interview, he said that it would be far easier to recreate their sound in concert now than it was in their heyday.

"Back then, it was murder, trying to get the cellos right and violins and all that stuff," he told the Telegraph, "it never sounded like I wanted it to." But now, "with all these great string samplers and synths, it wouldn’t be such a drag for me, ’cause the sound would be perfect, everything would be sweet."

While Lynne would be able to recreate the lush arrangements of ELO via technology with little problem these days, he and original keyboardist Richard Tandy brought with them the 60-piece BBC Concert Orchestra to provide the strings and choirs found on their biggest hits. Lynne described the month of rehearsals leading up to Sunday as being "like wearing a pair of old boots but after three weeks it felt like a comfortable pair of slippers.”

Still, despite having said onstage, "I'll do this again," and that it was "the best fun we've ever had," Lynne nonetheless expressed some ambivalence towards the idea of leaving the intimate confines of his home studio and mounting a tour. “Never say never," he continued. "But it would be nice to find a way of doing it without going anywhere.”

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