Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch are on the road in support of their upcoming second release Tell You What that came out last month on Underworld Records when they made their first stop in Sioux Falls Saturday night (April 20) I've been playing Elmore on the Blues Fix over the past eight months or so and apparently you liked what you heard as you helped sell out Old Skoolz on a snowy Saturday night!

Elmore won the Dallas Observer's 'Best in Blues' award in the Fall of 2012, but listening to his CD's and watching the show, you realize he's much more than 'just' the Blues.

The 34-year old guitarist grew up in the 90's listening to and playing Stevie Ray Vaughan records like most white kids in Texas were doing, but he also gravitated towards artists like Smokin' Joe Kubek, Jim Suhler, Mike Morgan and others. He knew at 15 that this was what he wanted to do with his life.

Elmore is definitely a blues man, but there were times during the show where you would've thought you were at a jazz show, a country show, a rock show, even a little R&B and heavy metal.

His new album has eight original songs and four covers, ranging from Rory Gallagher and Sean Costello to classic country artist Buck Owens.

What Elmore does best though is perform. He and Hoodoo Witch did just that Saturday night, tearing through two 90-minute sets for a packed house, thrilling us with Texas blues, boogie-woogie, shuffles, smooth jazz, and bending some notes like a Bert Blyleven cutter. It was a real treat for all who were there.

Make sure you catch Elmore next time he comes through town. And remember, you can get the Blues at Old Skoolz every weekend with live music Fridays and Saturdays at 8th & Indiana in Sioux Falls.