Drummer Jason Bonham would love to bring a new special element to his Led Zeppelin Experience tour. He's hoping to be able to perform a drum solo with his late father, John Bonham, but he knows he will be limited by the footage available from the '70s. Bonham recently told Legendary Rock Interviews, "It's imperative that I continue putting together the best shows and take it to the next level . . . I'm talking to people about holograms, and my dream is to do the hologram drum solo with dad next to me. I am trying to work with the limited footage I have, to put it together in a way that works and is purposeful. I did not want to go onstage and play Led Zeppelin songs; there has to be more than that. I wanted to create a complete experience of what Led Zeppelin means to me, growing up around them and being part of it all my life."

Bonham also shared what it was like growing up with a dad in Led Zeppelin. He said, "When he was at home he was dad. I really didn't know the other side of him until I grew older and was working and spending time with people who knew him. As I grew older, Jimmy and Robert could tell me the stories! The guys were so young back then, everything they were achieving was before they were even in their thirties, before he was even 25 he had already recorded Led Zeppelin IV, which is one of the biggest selling record albums of all time. He'd done so much by that time but he was still a kid really."