There is a rule change for Minnesota drivers that you need to be aware of to avoid a fine this Winter and to keep everyone safe.  We already got the first snow of the season and I'd be willing to bet that you saw a few cars on the side of the road that next morning.  Hopefully you weren't one of them, but if you were you want to be as safe as possible and this is where that rule change comes into effect.

Photo by Unsplash
Photo by Unsplash

Here in Minnesota, you're probably already familiar with a law that's been in effect for decades. It was enacted in 2001 The Minnesota Department of Public Safety defines it:


  • When traveling on a road with two or more lanes, drivers must keep over one full lane away from stopped emergency vehicles with flashing lights activated — ambulance, fire, law enforcement, maintenance and construction vehicles.
  • Failing to take these actions endangers personnel who provide critical and life-saving services. Fines can exceed $100.


  • Ted Foss was a Minnesota State Patrol Trooper.
  • On August 31, 2000 he was on the side of the road during a routine traffic stop.
  • He was tragically hit and killed by a passing vehicle.
  • The Ted Foss Move Over law was enacted in 2001 in an effort to protect the lives of those State Patrol Trooper and all emergency responders safe.
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That law has changed this year to include ALL vehicles.  Not just the emergency vehicles with flashing lights activated.  So now when there is ANY vehicle pulled over on the side of the road it is the law to move one full lane over.

The fine for not following this law can be in excess of $100.

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