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We are living longer and in today's climate generally we are taking care of ourselves better. Agree or disagree? Making the right health choices plays a huge part in preventing disease.

For over a decade heart disease has been the number or number two cause of death in South Dakota. Cancer and stroke continue to remain in the top three.

February is American Heart Month and the American Heart Association is celebrating our Heart and Stroke Survivors at their annual Go Red for Women event on Friday, February 2. This year's event will be at The District that will feature an evening social, cash bar, hors d'oeuvres, and silent auction beginning at 6:30 PM.

Go Red Tickets

Go Red celebrates 20 years of making an impact, for the last 100 years, the American Heart Association has made bold moves to save lives and pioneer scientific discoveries. We haven’t done it alone. We reach our goals by working with organizations and individuals who share our vision for better health.

Heart Attack Symptoms


How to Perform CPR


Traditional CPR is the method that combines chest compressions 2 inches in depth at the rate of 100-120 beats per minute with two breathes.

Infant and Child CPR is similar to traditional CPR but has some key differences. Child CPR is performed with chest compressions at the depth of two inches with one or two hands, followed by two breaths. Infant CPR is performed with chest compressions at the depth of 1 1/2 inches with two fingers, followed by two breaths and repeat.

Hands-Only CPR is chest compression-only CPR and has been shown to be equally effective as traditional CPR in the first few minutes of emergency response involves two simple steps that anyone can learn from a 60-second video available at

Step 1: Call 911
Step 2: Push hard and fast in the center of the chest


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