This summer gather up your tools and put your skills and expertise toward a day of volunteering for the Home Builders Association 30th Annual Repair Affair Day on June 1 in Sioux Falls.

Of all the tools in your workroom, which one are you most comfortable using? The cordless drill? That miter saw? What about that plain-old hammer? Okay, maybe all of them.

Repair Affair Day allows volunteers to donate their time and expertise to someone in need. Since 1993, over 270 repair projects have been completed with 6,600+ man hours from volunteers. The focus of the event is to make homes more accessible for the elderly or people with disabilities.

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Just look at the work that was done on a wheelchair ramp and deck in the picture above. On a hot day, they came out to show some love for this homeowner. And, that's just one project on Repair Affair Day.

A project may include an entire team or just one or two people for installing grab bars, replacing knobs with levers, and installing hand/guard rails.

Repairs will be done at no cost to the homeowner thanks to funding by a grant from the City of Sioux Falls Housing Division as well as funds from the Sioux Empire Homes Builders Care Foundation

Applications for the June 1 event will be accepted until April 1, 2022.

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