The Cheeseheads are going international (again)!

Just a few seasons removed from a trip to London, the Green Bay Packers will open the 2024 season WAY down South.

The Packers will meet the Philadelphia Eagles for a Friday season opener in Brazil, the first ever NFL game played in the country.

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The NFL announced Wednesday that the Packers will be the Philadelphia Eagles' opponent for the first-ever game in South America.


The game will be played in São Paulo, Brazil, on Friday, Sept. 6 -- one night after the traditional season opener involving the defending Super Bowl champions. It will be the first time since 1970 that the NFL has played a Friday night game in Week 1.

It's a big win for the international NFL community, especially those fans in South America.

The NFL has turned what was once a hobby into a full-time venture in bringing the NFL to the international stage.

It is clear that the London games, games in Germany and elsewhere have been a hit, and don't expect the number of international games to decline any time soon.

The Packers and Eagles will play on Friday Night, in a Peacock-exclusive broadcast.

The good news for both teams is that the Friday game may provide adequate rest for them to recover in time for what will presumably be a Sunday game the following week.

The remainder of the NFL schedule remains a mystery at this point, but we will wait and see what lies ahead for both of the NFC squads following their international trip to begin the 2024 season.


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