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We all have our bad moments. Some, more than others. Some, are more dramatic. Some, memorable!

In Major League Baseball some of those dramatic moments have involved managers getting ejected from the game by the umpire. Oh, and it's not just the managers. Players too. And, on the rare occasion a team mascot.

Grab your glove and a box of popcorn while watching some of these classic clips.

Chicago White Sox


Phillip Wellman Chatanooga Braves


Jake Burger Miami Marlins


Bryce Harper Philadelphia Phillies


Big Poppy

New York Yankees manager Billy Martin is ejected from the game.

Player and coach both are tossed out of the game.

Oh, and who says you can't return to the dugout?

How about a bit of irony?

Only MLB Hall of Famer Bobby Cox rings up the most exits.

Have you ever seen an Umpire ejected from a game?

Oh-oh! Say goodbye to the Mascot!


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