If you're a golfer, I'm guessing you've begrudgingly tucked away your golf clubs until the spring. There's always a chance that Mother Nature could still surprise South Dakota with a few nice golf day outings in November if the weather cooperates, but those will be short-lived even if they do happen.

If you're a golfing enthusiast, here's a bit of good news you can ponder on heading into the golfing off-season. Soon there will be another private course in Sioux Falls that will tempt many of us to join.

Work is now underway on the development of Mapleton Golf Club, located in the northeast part of the city. Once open, it will be the third private golf club in the Sioux Falls area.

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Dakota News Now is reporting, that dirt work for this new 18-hole course began last week.

Mapleton Project Partner Danny Amundson told Dakota News Now, “It’s great that you can come here from any direction, and not have to travel on a gravel road. It takes you ten minutes to get to the airport, and ten minutes to get downtown. Yet, you get some of the natural scenic elements. We’ve got awesome views of Slip Up Creek, and the rolling hillside.”

Because the city has only two private golf courses at this time, generally there are wait times to get on, because the city continues to keep growing at such a rapid pace. The developers behind the Mapleton Golf Club project are hoping to help alleviate some of those problems by offering the Sioux Empire another private course.

According to Dakota News Now, about half of the club memberships have been filled already.

The Mapleton developers hope to get the majority of the earthwork done this year before Old Man Winter arrives. If all goes as planned they will be able to get a head start on work heading into 2024 to finish up the project on schedule.

Dakota News Now reports, in total, project developers expect about a year and a half's worth of work will need to be done on the new golf course before it's ready to open.

If everything remains on schedule, golfers can expect to tee off on this new private course sometime in late summer to early fall of 2025.

Source: Dakota News Now

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