Sioux Falls is without a doubt one of the nicest cities in the Midwest, if not the entire country, and if asked, I'm sure the majority of our residents would do almost anything to keep it that way.

This week, several Sioux Falls city employees are doing their part to help keep our city looking good by participating in "Project NICE/KEEP", two neighborhood cleanup programs happening throughout the Sioux Empire.

These two city cleanup programs are now underway through Friday, (April 19).

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Dakota News Now reports that Project NICE was first created 33 years ago to help keep neighborhoods in compliance with code enforcement concerns.

Project NICE was eventually combined with Project KEEP, to keep environmental enhancement permanent.

All this week, volunteers will be collecting debris that residents place by their curbs. The debris discarded should not contain household garbage, animal waste, hazardous materials, electronics or create a greater cleanup effort than was previously there.

According to Dakota News Now, residents should know that recyclable items such as tires, appliances, branches, and mattresses need to be placed in separate piles. Helping to sort all these unwanted items out will greatly assist cleanup crews with removal.

Both cleanup projects have a set of specific boundaries within the community.

The boundaries for Project NICE are 18th Street to the north, I-229 to the south, Kiwanis Avenue to the west, and West Avenue to the east.

While the boundaries for Project KEEP are 26th Street on the north, I-229 on the south, Minnesota Avenue on the west, and Cliff Avenue on the east border.

This year, Project KEEP also has an additional area known as Project KEEP (B), which is 41st Street to the North, I-229 to the South, West Avenue to the West, and Minnesota Avenue to the East.

Property owners within Sioux Falls should have received mailings before this week that detailed the specifics of the cleanup procedures.

Residents can check the city of Sioux Falls website for additional information on the boundaries for both projects and to track cleanup progress.

Source: Dakota News Now

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